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Jennifer Beaver

Jennifer is the creator and author-illustrator of the Dinder Dog children’s book series.  Her first book, Dinder’s Big Day, debuted in June 2021, and her second book, Dinder’s Snow Day, will be  released in early 2022.


Jennifer’s inspiration for Dinder Dog comes from spending time at home with her very playful St. Bernard puppy.  Dinder’s loving and curious nature has provided Jennifer and her family with plenty of laughs and stories to share with others!


Jennifer was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, and she has    also lived in Arkansas and Indiana.  She is a graduate of Libbey High School, the University of Toledo, and the University of Toledo College of Law.  Jennifer currently resides in Northwest Ohio with her husband, two children, and of course, Dinder Dog!  When not creating new stories, you’ll find her playing games with family and friends, cooking, or catching a new movie with her kids!

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